Everything is fixable and everyone can heal…

I like to believe that inside every single person there is a good, happy person. Most people tend to let that good side show through most of the time. Then you’ve got those few, that no matter what – always have to be the meanest, grumpiest person around. They are so miserable within their own life, for whatever reason…and they try so hard to inflict that same misery on others. They often act the worst to those that love them and only want what’s best for them
Now, like I said…I truly believe everyone has a good side and regardless of whatever is the cause, all things are fixable. Everyone can be healed. Convincing them to find the ‘want to’ to get better…now that is a totally different story, and much harder to accomplish. Most of the time, thats because ultimately those that are miserable…don’t see what they are doing wrong. It will take an exceptionally strong and gifted person to be able to take whatever toxic, negativity that is spewed at them while trying to help their loved one / friend.

I do think that for some, there are going to be underlying issues that really need to seek the help of true degreed professionals that have the knowledge and ability to dig deep and help those in the most extreme cases.  Maybe there’s untreated medical issues that cause such pain and / or other symptoms that being bitter and nasty to everyone to the point of running them off, is their way of not dealing with the reality of whatever is going wrong.

But, for a lot of those grumpy ones, there is help. It will not be an easy task. There has to be a lot of patience on the part of the one trying to help. There has to be a lot of understanding and compassion. And above all,  the one trying to help better have some really thick skin. I can assure you that there will be a lot of negative, toxic, hateful things said and possibly done.

But, its really important to never lose hope. The brokenness doesn’t usually happen overnight to cause them to be that way ..and the healing doesn’t happen that quick either. It takes time. So, dont give up…help is out there… Just be strong enough to reach out for it!!


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