No regrets in my life…how about you?

Just the other day I was asked a question that I’m sure we’ve all come across…’if you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, what would it be?’  Now, I know I’ve been asked this hundreds of times in the spirit of fun conversation and I would always spout off this thing or that thing that I would change.
But, the other day this question hit me on a very deep and honest level for once, and caused me to really sit and think. I can without a doubt, say that there is absolutely not one single thing I would change! Every good decision, every bad choice I’ve made…and everything in between. Not a thing would I change!!

Each and every choice I have made in my life has brought me to this exact point in my life today and made me who I am. Sure, there’s a chance that life could have been a whole lot better a long time ago….but, there’s that equal chance that it could have been worse.

If any one thing had been different…. Then who’s to know if I would have ever found my voice, found my path or purpose in this life. I may never have found the strength or courage to stay my blog. And I believe that its because of everything that I have been through, that I will be more than able to others go through their transformations.

So, to this point in my life…..I honestly have no regrets, of things done…or even not done…. I take each day as it is given to me….and live it to my fullest potential on that day.

What about you….any regrets in life??


4 thoughts on “No regrets in my life…how about you?

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  1. I have said for years that I have had no regrets but I actually discovered one just today (of course)! You know me. I’m all about normal. ;). But I saw a picture and a post that reminded me about how I wore pretty wedding dress appropriate shoes instead of the pink converse ones I really wanted to wear. Why does this bother me years and years later? No clue. But I wish I could go back in time and wear those. Weird, right??? 😉

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    1. Not weird at all. I’m sure there might be ‘cosmetic’ changes I could find to make….but nothing life changing… Now- I’m sir the right shoes…well, its more a case of living your life for you and choosing the shoes YOU want instead of what others think is perfect…lol 😀😀


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