An afternoon in Texas…

I spent some time at the lake house yesterday.(no, not mine..) In the hopes of clearing my head and really grounding myself. I had been so pumped up for weeks because I was supposed to be headed to the coast this weekend for some much needed time at the beach. But, things happened and plans changed, and its all good. Everyone tries to tell me well, water is water…lake or ocean or pool in the backyard… For my purposes- thats not exactly true. But I did thoroughly appreciate the chance to be able to kick back on the back porch and just be with nature for awhile. 

I could get used to that too…lol. And, I could honestly say, that I would quite enjoy living on a lake in the future fulltime. I accomplished so much yesterday. I wrote almost the entire time I was there, and for hours more once I got home. With a wall of windows facing the lake, not even the weather would ever keep me from the views.

The water levels are still pretty low at the lake, so there wasn’t much activity on the water. But then, it was also a work day for most… But either way, it was nice to not have the distraction of passing watercraft. Hot as it was…I kicked back in one of the lounge chairs and just closed my eyes for a bit. I listened to all the sounds around me.

The cicades were singing to each other…what sounded like thousands of them. The various birds would add in their chirps from time to time. There were a few ducks that had to pipe up too. And then to finish the piece off… To feel the breeze and here the leaves rustle….it all made such a peace in my soul. I couldn’t help but think, summertime in Texas- the critters of nature were out for encore performances!!

I slowly openedy eyes, taking a moment to readjust to the brightness.
There were still a few ducks lingering in the cove. One minute they were drifting around in the water, then next time I looked their way, they were meandering around the neighbor’s backyard.

The smoldering heat finally got the better of me and I decided to head home. But, this truly was a day in paradise after all!


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