What mask are you willing to throw away??

Why do we always feel as though we have to hide our true self behind a wall of masks? There’s the mask that hides the fear, and one that hides our voice. If you battle with depression or anxiety or any of the other invisible illnesses, then you have a ‘happy face’ mask for that because you don’t want anyone to know just how miserable you are 

Society today has become so cynical and judgmental that we feel as though we have to pretend to be someone else, just to escape ridicule. It’s a whole other story if we want ‘them’ to like us as well…there’s another set of rules and guidelines and masks for that.

Well, to hell with all of that! I am tired of living in that shell! And you should be too. Each individual person has a right to be seen and heard for WHO THEY ARE! The world might be pleasantly surprised.

I personally know that I have a lot to say. Things that will undoubtedly help someone else who’s going through the same sort of struggles. I have a ton of great ideas that I am going to bring to life, to help others.

I bet if you looked within yourself…you are wearing a mask or two. Don’t you think it’s time to throw them off and live as the real you!! The world deserves to know that version! I challenge you- find just one aspect of yourself that you’ve kept hidden…what are you going to do to bring it to the surface??


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