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Savor the flavors…

via Daily Prompt: Savor

In a world build around metaphors and symbolism, does that always relate correctly to our reality? Sometimes I truly have to wonder. But wouldn’t it be nice, even for a little while??

Like so many others, I too crave a time when I am the center of someone’s near obsessive love. I want to be compared to that sensual, tropical fruit that begs to be devoured. Or maybe I am that fine wine that improves with age, the flavors becoming more intense with each passing year.

Ah, I know… I long to become that tropical fruit, lightly drizzled with the mixture of white chocolate and milk chocolate to give the subtle hint of the sweetness underneath. I will be paired with the finest of wines, that is meant to completely compliment my expansive variety of tastes.

I want my partner to savor every intoxicating bite. I want to know, to feel,.that there is no other replacement in the world that even remotely compared to me! Is that too much to ask for?? I sincerely hope not! Of course, I realize that the reality of relationships will never fully compare to this….but even a part of this symbolism would be a vast improvement over that uninterested state of some relationships we see in the world around us today.


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