We all have bad days…

For someone that struggles with depression and anxiety, even when making great strides on medications…..there are going to be bad days!!  If you think that there won’t, then you only setting yourself up further disappointment!!

After a life long battle with something that was never acknowledged, I finally had to reach out for help.  I had hit rock bottom, hard… and simply didn’t care about anything anymore.  I thought I was such a burden, always being in such horrible moods.

When I finally decided to talk to someone, and really began to look at all of my symptoms… my depression and anxiety were way worse than I ever really gave them credit for. Now, roughly 5 years later, I am finally at a good place.  I have dreams… HUGE dreams, that I know I will reach.  I have much to live for.  Sure, I am doing it with the aid of a couple of medications. But, sometimes you just have to accept that’s the way it needs to be.

There are always going to bad days that creep in though.  Something will trigger the old feelings, the old ways of thinking…. you just have to look within yourself, dig deep, and know that tomorrow will be better.  Today is just a passing tide, and it will not destroy you! And when all else fails, reach out to a friend, or someone who understands!


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