Daily Prompt: Tailor

via Daily Prompt: Tailor


Where in the rules of life does it say that we must tailor our lives to suit someone else’s opinion?  Ha- oh that’s right… it doesn’t say that, because there is NO rulebook for life!  There is no instruction manual, no textbook, nothing in writing to guide us.  But, be assured, life itself has granted me the best education of all.

As the role of a motivator, a coach, even an author… we are not trying to create those textbooks…but simply offer our views, our experiences – both good and bad, as a way to help guide others on their own journey through this world.  If you have the opportunity to learn from someone else’s failure, wouldn’t you take that?

Society today has tried to tell us that we must tailor ourselves to look a certain way, to be a certain weight, to have a certain job, etc…in order to succeed in life.  But, all they are doing is taking away one’s right to individuality!  If the great creator of this world wanted everyone to look and act the same…. He would have created us that way.  But instead, He chose to make us all completely different.

Shouldn’t life be more about learning to appreciate who you are, rather than who “they” (society in general) say you should be?! Be  true to you, be happy with who you are, and that will be the basis for the life of happiness that you deserve!!


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