Believe in YOU

When your entire life has seemed like one massive roller coaster full of loops and corkscrews, the realization that your path has finally become crystal clear can be just as intimidating. I know, you probably find that hard to believe.

I want you to remember something though, YOU were CHOSEN for this path and this purpose.  God, the Universe, or whatever you refer to as a God, knew that you alone would be perfect for making that particular dream happen.  It is important for you to believe…. YOU ARE THE ONE!!

I was recently listening to a motivational video by Steve Harvey, and one point that really stuck was “If you are waking up every day believing that there is something more to your life than there is….. then believe that there is!!”  And that makes perfect sense.  We all get those ‘gut feelings’ that there is just something missing…. that we are meant to do something big and important….  Believe that with all your heart!! Pray about it… Meditate about it….Dream about it…. And then, when you least expect it… when you are at rock bottom – suddenly, it will all become so clear!

Sure, it is scary knowing that your gut feeling is telling to stand up in front of the world and tell your story.  That you are the one that should be the voice for all those who are struggling.  It is because of your journey, all that you have been through in your life…. that you are exactly where you need to be.  You are on the precipice of something so great.  And that very fear of it, is why you know it is right, and it will work.

We all have so much to learn in this life.  And to know that there are those among us that can make everything somehow make sense…. that is a true Godsend.  So, listen up!!

I will speak for myself… my dream…my path…. This small town Texas girl is here to make a powerful difference in this world.  And despite not having a college education, despite not having much more than the shirt on my back…. I BELIEVE that I will SUCCEED!!!  You can succeed at your dreams too!!!


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