What are you afraid of??

Do you have dreams that you want to pursue so bad that you just can’t think of anything else?? We all do! So, what’s stopping you? Many will say they are afraid… But afraid of what exactly? Oh, that list can be long, I know.
At the end of the day though, why should those fear really keep us from what we want?? Come on. I heard this one time, and it is so true…the best ideas, the brightest inventions will never be known. Do you know where they are found?? In the worlds cemeteries….because so many people are just too afraid to try.

It’s times to speak up. It’s time to take that first step forward!! Isn’t it better to try, and fail…than to never have tried at all? At least if you fail, you might realize what you could do a little bit differently next time that would make it be a success. If you never try at all…
 Then you will just always have to live with the wonder.

So, take that step…try with all your might…and you just might be surprised at the results!!


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