That healing place….

While this is not a photo that I actually took, it is certainly the place I would most like to be! We all need to take the time to become one with the nature around us. Some choose to hike into the mountains, others are more inclined to go deep into the forest. Then there are those of us that are drawn to the water’s edge 

I must admit that as a grown adult, I sadly do not really know how to swim. That is a long story, not really relevant here. But, the first time that I went to the coast…it was just as the sun was setting. The roar of the waves was mesmerizing. 

I found myself moving to the edge so that the water could lap at my feet. I should insert here, that this trip was during a very dark time in my life when my struggle with depression and self loathing was a battle that I just didn’t think I wanted to fight anymore.

I inched out into the water, little by little. My eyes were closed tight, I was simply following my inner feelings. I didnt want to stop…. I wanted, no I needed the water to take away the pain I felt inside. 

No one saw the tears as they streamed down my face…but it felt as though they were burning trails into my skin. There was no way I was turning around and going back to the shore. I had only made it out about thigh deep so far…I needed to keep going.

I had blocked out everything else around me. I only heard and felt the water, and the breeze as it blew across my tear blistered face. My eyes were still closed, just listening…soaking it all in. 

Then I hear someone call to me from behind me… I don’t remember if it was my husband or my best friend that actually said my name. But, it brought me back to reality.

That was quite a few years ago now…but anytime that I feel I the need for that emotional healing- I always head to the coast. There is just something about the water that calms me down. Maybe its the symbolism of the water washing everything everything. It takes all the ‘junk’ that is weighing me down, and carries it out with the tide.

I think everyone should have that healing place that they can go when life gets a little rough. I also believe that you need to have someone of personal importance with you to support you during that healing process. 

Do you have somewhere that you go?? 


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