It’s your journey, but not one you have to take all alone…

No one else will ever completely understand your journey as a whole. Sure, some may identify with this aspect or that.. That’s ok. Part of the journey is knowing you have to figure out some things for yourself. 
Don’t ever let the fear of doing it alone keep you from even starting the journey though. You’ll be surprised at how strong you can be. The best growth comes from learning to be yourself, to accept you for you, to love yourself!

For those of us who have struggled in life on a scale much deeper than most…I know that the very thought of depending on yourself is something that you just don’t think is possible. That is due in part, to the fact that you simply don’t see yourself as worthy to be saved. But please don’t give up just yet. When you least expect it, there will be someone there who understands the pain and fear because they have been there, and have overcome it.

I will not promise that every day will be perfect…you are going to have days that you still struggle some. Something will trigger a memory that tries to take you back to that dark place. It’s during those times that you must look within yourself and find the strength to reach out.

I personally may not be the answer for you…. But then again, maybe my journey cane in some way help you along your way. Swallow the fear, hold out your hand…Let a fellow survivor in.


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