Talk to yourself…it’s ok!!

The idea of keeping a journal maybe a bit daunting to some. Those written words have a way of making it into the wrong hands, seen by the wrong eyes, and can be used against us.
As a part of self healing, you must find a way to establish boundaries. You must feel secure in the steps that you take. We all need that one place that we feel safe, above all else.

When you think about keeping a journal, many will think back to their youth and the diaries that I’m sure many tried to keep. Some had the flaps with the lock and tiny key, or maybe it tied closed.

We want to take that principle, but transition it to a more mature level. Even down to choosing the journal itself. Now, there are multiple reasons for keeping journals…and I think that the reason itself sometimes depicts the style of the actual book.

The purpose I’m talking about today is to have somewhere to completely clear your mind and even your heart of everything that is weighing you down. The very act of writing it down, is to replicate the act of talking to that one person who you trust most in this world. The one person you always feel secure confiding in no matter what.

If you don’t feel that you have that one person, let me ask you… Do you trust yourself? Think of the journal as a way to talk to yourself. By writing down the things that are on your mind, that gives you the opportunity to process those feelings to some degree. Once you have ‘voiced’ them, you have gotten them off your chest, and it should relieve some of the burden that you feel weighing down on your shoulders.

True, you may spend several days referring to essentially the same topic, but thats OK. That particular thought or feeling is something that you need to deal with. Once the topic appears to be changing, the load on your mind will lessen.

Isn’t it worth giving it a try. I like to think you. By getting all of the ‘stuff’ off your mind, you free yourself to begin enjoying life again. Start out small if that makes you feel better. Promise yourself for one month, to take just a few moments at the end of the day to clear out the clutter in your mind. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make in your quality of sleep even.

May you all have a fabulous weekend!!
Love to all!!


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  1. I find that blogging has become my personal journal of sorts. Admittedly it’s my personal journal that I share with hundreds of people, but I feel like I discover more about myself when I write here. Do you feel like that counts? I’m truly curious to know your thoughts about blogging versus journalling. Correction – sincere blogging versus journalling. Not just blathering for the sake of being a goofball. I don’t mind goofballing it up. I just view it as being in a different category versus self discovery.

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    1. I would definitely say that true, sincere blogging counts as journaling. And to some degree, I guess I actually do that- as I try to incorporate my own personal experiences into some of my blogs. There is a certain sense of discovery that comes from sharing your thoughts for all to see. I know the feedback can often help open our eyes to perspectives that we might not have otherwise noticed. Not everyone has the personal comfort level to be able to share their life as am open book…I think that’s where traditional journaling would come into play. Thank you for putting this perspective at the forefront for me!! It is definitely something that I may look into on a deeper level for myself as well!!


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