Can you accept it??

Some days the thoughts are so clear, others not so much!  Why do we doubt ourselves? It’s as if we can’t even trust our own intuition sometimes. And if you can’t trust that, then what’s left??

You have got to learn to love yourself… First and foremost above anything else!! You must accept yourself for the person that you are, right this very moment. Not who you used to be, or who you hope to be a year from now. You are who you are, right now. That has to be good enough! 

Once you learn to accept and love yourself… Then trusting yourself will become easier too. You will know that your judgment is spot on, and you will be ok. You are a truly amazing person!! You’ve got to give yourself credit for getting up every day and tackling everything that the world throws at you.

Ok, so you have a few pounds to lose, or you wish you were smarter, or more successful. You know what, all of those things you can to something about. But, until you acknowledge and accept that you are a bit overweight right now, but you still are beautiful. Or you may have things you want to learn still- you can learn them, you can become more successful…. All of the positives will come, when you accept what is!! Be grateful that you were able to wake up this morning, see the beautiful sunshine, love that someone special in your life… Whatever, just be grateful!! Then with that grateful heart, more will be granted to you.

Accept what is…. And what will be- will be amazing!!!


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