Moving Past The Memories…

Sometimes even the smallest thing can trigger a memory to come rushing back. It could be wonderful memories, or painful ones, or anywhere in between. The trigger can be a song, a smell, a article of clothing…absolutely anything. And when that memory comes, all you can do is see how it wants to play out and then deal with it accordingly 
Its those painful memories I could sure do without. The mistakes made, the lost loves, the lost lives of loved ones… I feel emotional pain on such a level that I certainly would not wish it on anyone!  One thing I am slowly starting to learn though is to take the pain, or anger, or whatever negative that you feel…and find the way to turn it into a positive. It’s not always easy, but it can be done. The passing of a loved one… They are no longer suffering, or being subjected to this crazy world we live in today. Lost loves..  Well, its their loss. Turn it to motivation to lose those last 20 pounds you’ve been talking about, or that makeover you’ve wanted to do. You are worth it…and someone who will appreciate you will cone along.

You get the idea.. I know my negative… And have figured out the path to the positive. Now. is there something you need help or support with in your life??? All you have to do is reach out…I am here.


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