Taking the road to…

via Photo Challenge: Bridge

…to the past, to the present…or to the future?? The very thought of a covered bridge leads me to such mystic and magical thoughts. As I combed through to find images, 3 stuck out to me…

xoTfsm     Something about this one pulls me  to the life of days gone by.  I can see driving down some back country road and crossing the wooden floor planks to a historic community. I can almost see it, as I enter the bridge the boards are new and the paint is crisp and fresh.  But halfway in, I see the transition.  The paint is beginning to peel and the boards are looking so weathered.  As I emerge on the other side, I come to the town square. It is very quaint and humbly decorated.

SM-Nov-3-Lehigh-Valley-covered-bridge-tour-1500x609   Now, for some reason- I see this one simply leading me where I want to go right now.  At the other end would be a short walking path to the water’s edge.  It would probably be a huge lake, with gorgeous trees all around.

covered-bridge2   Lastly, this leads to the future.  The brightness at the end of the bridge represents the endless possibilities that are ahead.

Any of these would be a welcomed sight.  The intrigue that I associate with these bridges is spell binding.  I need to feel the surroundings…



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