Have you grounded lately??

Ha, no, I didn’t say have you been grounded. Save that for your kids when they get in trouble.

What I’m talking about is grounding yourself with nature. You would be surprised at the healing powers that simple act has. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate trip to a Caribbean island or tropical rain forest. 

Maybe you can simply sit outside and listen to the birds chirping. If you live in the middle of a busy town, how about taking a little road trip to a nearby lake or something. Just to feel the breeze in your face, feel the water, or grass, on your feet.

If you focus solely on the surroundings, in a very short time you will begin to feel relaxed and the weight of the world will start to slide off your shoulders. Dont you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try??

I have found that if I combine a little time outdoors with some meditational music, it heals my soul and allows me to look at things with a fresh perspective.

I hope that you will take just a few minutes to see if it makes a difference for you.


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