What’s Still Missing??

I can’t believe the great strides I have made over the past 6 months or so. The changes have been positively exhilarating!! But I still feel like there’s some aspects missing, or at least needing some improvement.

KNOWLEDGE – That would definitely be one. I have so much to learn still to be able to bring my dream completely to life. I have the heart and soul, no doubt. But some of the true business details I have yet to get all worked out.

TIME – Trying to still work my full time job, I feel as though I am somewhat spinning my wheels some days. There’s just not been enough hours in the day to devote to my dream like I would really like to. Its a tough spot… I need the dream to take shape and roll in order to leave the full time job. But, I also need to leave the full time job to devote to getting the dream in shape and rolling. What a cycle…

ABILITY – Still lacking in a few areas, I will admit. Starting the blog was a huge accomplishment for me, but I still need to find my voice just a bit more! Along with that, I need to find COURAGE to reach out to those that I don’t know. I’ve been doing better with fellow bloggers, but I need to reach out to other coaches now as well.

If I am going to build this the way I see it in my mind – all of these need to be addressed ASAP. But, almost as important is going to be finding a mentor to help guide me. Someone who is already in the coaching industry and would be willing to take me under their wing.

So… Thats the assessment of MY situation. While I do have these few things to work on… I do feel that I am more than capable to help others already. My compassion and understanding go a long way. What can I do to help you?? Please… Reach out!! I am always close by!!

Love To All~~


2 thoughts on “What’s Still Missing??

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  1. I believe with all my heart that you already are a wonderful life coach! And, even if I don’t know much about the “technical details” 🙂 that requires patience and time, I do know that you give so much to others…light, warmth, love, understanding, guidance…You’re already walking into a path of Healing…so, just let your heart shine bright! You are who you were meant to be!

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    1. Thank you Claudia for your kind words. Its the feedback such as this that warms my heart, and lbring me joy because my words bring joy and healing to others. If I can help change and heal just one person… Then I am fulfilling my purpose indeed!! Love and light to you my friend!! May all the gracious glories shine bright on you!!!
      Much love,

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