Lessons learned the hard way

I've got a lot weighing on my mind...and it revolves around friendship. I've always felt like the one on the outside of all the circles. And, for the most part...I've been okay with that The few people that I have ever been able to claim as friends...well, I often wonder when it comes down to... Continue Reading →


How can I possibly help the masses???

Sometimes there comes along that once person that you desperately want to help, but when you do....it totally blows up in you face.I am a bit nervous that I damaged a friendship beyond repair.  I am such a nonconfronta√≠ person. All I ever wanted to do was protect someone from going down the same path... Continue Reading →

Do yourself a favor…

There comes a point in time when you mist find the strength to FORGIVE those who may have wronged you! It has nothing to do with that other person though. Forgiveness is for you alone. It clears out a space in your head and in your heart, so that you can feel peace again. Forgiving... Continue Reading →

Believe in the positives…

Edit So many people think that life is always supposed to be a bed of roses. Come on now....that's just not the reality!! Some of the most important lessons come from the most intense situations. When someone has been through the hardest of times, they often have the most to offer to others. I know... Continue Reading →

The demons catch up sooner or later…

Seems like until you truly deal with those demons, you will always spend your time on the run. Those in the spotlight often keep running, because life is so hectic for them that there is no opportunity to reach for the true help they need.¬† Through their songs, books, movies, whatever avenue... they sing, write,... Continue Reading →

Do you believe in magic?

I keep hearing this kind of stuff from those closest to me! My gift of words, understanding, compassion, empathy... I'm told the list goes on. Even with as big as my dreams are, I still struggle some with such gleaming compliments. There's that split second within that feels so undeserving. I guess to some degree,... Continue Reading →

Am I selling myself short….??

Even on the best of days, when you think that everything is the best it has ever been.... And the slightest trigger, that you didn't know was a trigger....jumps up and slaps you in the face.  It can be a lyric in a song, something a person says, a smell....absolutely anything. I guess to some... Continue Reading →

Do you truly know yourself??

We've all heard the quote, "To thine own self be true!"  Here's a little problem., or dilemma if you will, that I see with that. How true can you really be to yourself, if you dont really know who YOU are? This certainly proved true for me most of my life. When I ask someone... Continue Reading →

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