Opportunity is knocking…

I almost let today slide by without a post…but as I sat at dinner- my birthday dinner at that, alone because everybody else has to work or whatever…. I realized that I didn’t want to take a day off from chasing my dreams. 

Using my voice to inspire and motivate others…thats the whole reason I am here. I believe that truly is my purpose. And taking the time off, even on days such as today, to share just even a few thoughts…might be exactly what someone needed.

You understand that you… Yes, YOU, reading this blog right now… You are someone very important!! Your life matters, your dreams matter…and you owe it to yourself to follow every lead.

I had received a call the other day from an old boss, inviting me to lunch. I had a feeling I knew what she wanted, and sure enough… She wanted to offer me a job. I thought about it…opportunity was knocking at my door, and I owed it to myself to at least hear her out. Now, the intentions in my heart are that I was only leaving my current job when I was able to get my coaching business up amd going. But, this opportunity, I thought..might have been an avenue to save a little more money to help get me to my goal a little faster. 

Long story short, after talking to my current boss about the offer, I was granted incentive to stay put. But, this was a test that I needed to see through. 

Dont you owe it to yourself to always hear what opportunity has to say??? Do what it takes to see things through to your dreams!!!


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