Daily Prompt: Wheel

via Daily Prompt: Wheel

We often refer to it as the rat race of daily life. Many rise long before the sun, and push themselves as hard as possible until after the sun sets. There’s just never enough hours in their day.

Now I will be the first to admit that the dawn to dusk schedule is not one that I adhere to. I will say though, that most days I feel stuck in a continual loop without ever making any progress.

I had once compared life to that of a maze like you often see the little white mouse trying to find his way to the cheese at the exit. But the maze was so full of wrong turns and dead ends.

The day in and day out cycle of doing what you have to just to get by…that mundaine circle is growing old. We all deserve the right & opportunity to step off the hamster wheel and pursue the life we crave.

So, evaluate your own hamster wheel… Are you truly happy? If not, then make a change! You’re the only one who can control it!!

Best of luck & love to all!!!


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