What’s Missing??

“Surround yourself with like minded individuals.

Sure, we’ve all heard that before…but have you ever really thought much about what it means? 

Let me ask you- have you ever tried to study for a test while having the TV on in the same room? Or tried to finish that project by the deadline, while your phone is constantly going off with message or email notifications dinging?  What kind of results did you get?? I’d venture to guess, probably not the results you needed! 

It’s like trying to take off on a new business venture when those around you only want to play around in their spare time. Now, let me clarify on that one- having fun and things such as that, are entirely necessary in order to relieve the stress on occasion so that you can refocus and dig in to complete what you started.

But, if you take the initiative to emerse yourself in a group of people that have successfully created their own businesses, and are willing to share and in turn motivate others from their experiences, then ultimately that will increase your own chances of success. 

Step outside your normal circle of family & friends and find that person, or group, or even seminar /workshop, that will help motivate you and give you clarity on things you need to do.

Remember, the right support and the right focus, makes all the difference for success!!

Good luck to all!!


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