On a personal note…

If only there were a way to mask the sounds of the nearby highway, or the neighbor’s lawn mower starting up… This would be the perfect spot to find all the inspiration I could need. But once all the additional noises start up, my focus diminishes greatly. 

I try to close my eyes and focus on the way the breeze rustles the leaves. Then the dog barks… Momentum lost. The water pours over the edge of the spa and into the pool, but then a small plane takes off from the local county airport just a mile down the road….and serenity is gone. Why is it so hard???

I have so much locked away in my mind, views that need to be shared… Inspirations that need to be past on…. But my ADD kicks in and allows every possible distraction to step up and create havoc with my focus.

But tucking myself away in a secluded place just doesn’t pay the bills…oh how I wish it did.

I try most days to make my posts as inspirational and motivational as I can. The meaning that backs up my words is clear. But today, it just seemed fitting to make it a bit more personal. 

I guess to some degree, the meaning behind my post today is to remind us all in the power of following our hearts and chasing our dreams!! Be willing to do whatever it takes to create the life you crave!!! Don’t ever give up!!


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