Do You Believe In Magic??

If you said yes, then you are definitely in a good place in your life!! And if you said no… well, let’s talk.

Do you remember what it was like to believe that Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy were real?? It was such a magical time.  As children we got to believe in Rudolph, and Frosty the Snowman. We loved unconditionally, because we didn’t know any different.  We had not yet been hardened by the world around us.

Sometimes, I wish we could go back to those times.  It was so much easier to laugh and be carefree. The demands of adult life – we had no clue what that was all about.

It was after going through a Reiki session with a good friend of mine that she began asking me what I did for fun now. She is an intuitive Reiki practitioner, and kept crossing the path of a little girl during my sessions.  I told her that honestly, I didn’t do much.  There never seemed to be time.  She informed me, that sometimes…you just have to MAKE the time.

One of the popular things these days are the adult coloring books.  The pictures are far more detailed, and spread across many different themes.  So, I bought one and some coloring pencils and sat down one night to color.  And for a little while, I did lost myself from the hustle and bustle of reality.  When I finished the page, I did feel more relaxed.  I began doing this on a regular basis, and it made such a difference.

So, make time to allow your ‘inner child’ a chance to breathe and have a little fun in life…even as a grown adult!!  Go to the amusement park, or the water park. Whatever it is that will let you laugh, and just distress from the daily stresses.  You will be absolutely amazed at how much better you will start to feel.

I look forward to hearing about some of the things that you come up with!!!

Love to all!!!



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