Don’t lose perspective!

Appreciate what you HAVE, before it becomes what you HAD.”

When I saw this quote this morning, it really got me to thinking about the perspective at which we seem to look at life.

With all of the focus these days being on ‘chasing your dreams’, and following your path or purpose in life…we do seem to get so involved in that process that we totally forget about the here and now.  Taking the present moment for granted for the sake of getting to the future goal.  But, what we often forget is that without this very moment in time – that future moment will never come.

Focus is good…. great actually.  Chasing dreams is a part of life!!  But, don’t get so driven that you forget those that love and support you.  Take the time to appreciate everyone and everything that has gotten you to this point….and will be there to get you to the future. What you HAVE NOW is often just as important as what is to come!!! Remember that!!!


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