Negative to a Positive…

Whoever thinks that the power of positivity doesn’t work… Has never given it an honest chance. I am not saying it is an overnight miracle, but with sincere effort it will begin to make such a difference!!! 

We are so conditioned over our lives to look at the picture as ‘ I dont want to fail.’ But by saying it that very way…  You are already looking at it from the negative angle.

I want to succeed!! Just saying it from the positive perspective feels so much better!! 

Yes, it the age old question…. Is the glass half empty, or half full..  Negative to a positive. Give it a try… Just for one day…think about your goals, your dreams.., think about your every life…. 

Maybe even start keeping a journal…one day at a time, turn each negative statement you’ve said into the positive version. Track it in your journal for a week…. Then for a month. See if you notice the negative statements starting to diminish. I’d be willing to bet you do!!

Love to all!!


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