‘Don’t cry for the person you used to be! You need to thank that version of you. Without it, you couldn’t be the beautiful, strong person that you are today.’ We are all continually evolving and must shed the skin of our yesterday, in order to blossom into who we are supposed to be today!

Do you ever feel like you have changed so much – so many times, over your life that you are on version 9.0, at least. These changes aren’t always easy either…especially when something bigger than you is the driving force to the change. Just remember this – NOTHING in life stays the same. Change is the most inevitable things. Bad changes to good, good changes to bad, and everything in between.

There is a very powerful reason that I chose Caterpillars 2 Butterlfies as the name…the whole intent of a caterpillar’s purpose is geared around transformation.  It starts out as one thing – then after it’s season of isolation, it breaks free to reveal its transformation into something totally new and beautiful.

We are destined for the same greatness. Now, we won’t suddenly develop beautiful, visible wings and fly off into the sunset. But we are capable of both external and internal transformations…in an attempt to become the absolute best version of ourselves.

I personally have been going through my own transformation over the past few months. I’ve always been the quiet, shy girl in the back row. Never liked to draw attention to myself. I was always allowing myself to become so dependent on other people for a semblance of happiness in my life.  I longed to have friends around me that genuinely cared for me like I did for them. 

Through some not so pleasant processes, I finally began to change. Just a year ago, I would have been petriefied beyond words at the very thought of starting the blog – and visually putting myself out there in a video…NO WAY. But, I finally realized and accepted that what I had been doing most all of my life, simply wasn’t working anymore. The butterfly in me was ready to emerge.

Don’t allow fear and anxiety to hold you back any longer, but instead – turn that around to be your driving force and push you to become a better, stronger  version of who you were. You al me have the power to transform your life, who you are, how you liv. Remember… I AM… I am amazing, IAM capable of great things. I AM a beautiful butterfly.

Love To All!!


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