Trying to sort it out…

As I listen to more motivational videos, I try to make my notes of different things I want to talk about.  Then when it comes time to sit down & write, I draw a blank.  Sometimes, I wish others could just take a short walk inside my head with me!!  Then maybe it would make sense to people exactly why I am the way I am.

Self-doubt…leads to serious self sabotage.  I think to some degree we have probably all be guilty of it.  But, the problem lies when that is the ONLY way you function. That never-ending thought of I just am not good enough to make this work.  We try so hard to mask these doubts, because really we don’t want others to criticize us too.  We do enough of that to ourselves.

But, there has to come a point that it all ends.  The dreams & goals have got to be bigger than any fear or self-doubt that you can come up with. Sure, there are always going to be obstacles in our path. It’s human nature to want better in your life.  But, it’s also almost just a natural to let it all overwhelm you.

That’s when you need to reach out to someone who is willing to help you get through the tough time.  Staying within your close-nit circle of family and friends isn’t necessarily the right option for that.  From my experience, they will be your next biggest skeptics after yourself.  They don’t truly know what’s in your head and in your heart…they just know their version of what’s right for you.  So, when you have reached the point that you just feel stuck, with nowhere to turn… Just know that I will be there.

Caterpillars 2 Butterflies is about transformation, and we will take that journey together!!



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