Thursday’s Theory

It’s YOUR life…live it for YOU!! 

Where does it say that you, Jane Doe, have to live a life that others think is right for you?? Far too often, as we are going through our formative years, we tend to adapt to the dreams that OTHERS have for us instead of looking within ourselves to discover our own dreams and passions.

‘Dad’ is a surgeon, one of the best in his field. ‘Mom’ is a nurse, one of the best RNs around. So, of course they are to condition you to believe that you want to pursue a life in the medical field as well. They have your life all planned out for you.

You start down the path they have laid out for you, but for some reason…deep in your gut, you can’t shake this feeling like something’s missing or simply doesn’t feel right.

That’s because it’s not your dream…not your passion… So, take the time to figure out what that is. What do you just get really excited about? Take a little time to figure it out… Then do what it takes to bring that dream to life. In the end….it is YOUR life!!


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