Are you ready…..

Let that sink in for just a minute... Every single day is a new chance to write a new story for your life.  What an exhilarating thought!!!  No matter what I do today, if I don't like how it is going ... I just have to try a new approach tomorrow! Most of the time, we … Continue reading Are you ready…..


It’s About Time…Don’t You Think??

Ok, so you have finally figured out your goals and dreams in life.  Your purpose is crystal clear. Now, what are you going to do with it?? I can just hear it now...a lot of you are saying "But I know WHAT I want, isn't that enough?" Well...insert one of those annoying game show buzzers right … Continue reading It’s About Time…Don’t You Think??

Opportunity is knocking…

I almost let today slide by without a post...but as I sat at dinner- my birthday dinner at that, alone because everybody else has to work or whatever.... I realized that I didn't want to take a day off from chasing my dreams.  Using my voice to inspire and motivate others...thats the whole reason I … Continue reading Opportunity is knocking…


~~ Tuesday’s Tidbits~~

Don't allow yourself to settle for mediocre, when you are deserving of so much more!! What's holding you back?? Somewhere along the way, so many of us hit a road block that causes us to think that we have to settle in life.  We settle in our careers, settle in love, settle with choices that … Continue reading ~~ Tuesday’s Tidbits~~


Daily Prompt: Wheel

via Daily Prompt: Wheel We often refer to it as the rat race of daily life. Many rise long before the sun, and push themselves as hard as possible until after the sun sets. There's just never enough hours in their day. Now I will be the first to admit that the dawn to dusk … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Wheel


I’m where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m meant to do!!

Sometimes we have to wonder if what we are doing, or dreaming to do, is the right thing. I created Caterpillars 2 Butterflies as a way to help others, through whatever transformation they are facing. I have had a few people reach out lately, a couple through the blog and than a couple of friends … Continue reading I’m where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m meant to do!!


How flexible are you???

While I didn't accomplish what I WANTED to over the weekend, I guess I can say it was what I NEEDED to do. Sometimes, that is perfectly ok  Flexibility is crucial in daily life. Ha, no I'm certainly not talking about physical flexibility. Instead, this is more about being flexible with your emotions, your time, … Continue reading How flexible are you???