Where To Go…

I dream of a life full of travel.  My gypsy soul desperately wants to roam free.  Free of boundaries, free of worries, just a free spirit in the wind.  But, where would I go first?? Such decisions to make, it would be so difficult.  If only there was a new career choice that would allow me that freedom.  Then I could partake in all the various sights, sounds, smells, and even tastes of the world.

I would most definitely want to see every coastal shore there is to see.  A true dream come true would probably be Greece and Italy.  As an energetic soul, I want to delve into the historical realms of China and Japan.

 The beautiful waters of Maldives is a must!! The white sands of any beach, the pink sands…any color that there is! 

Then there would be the mountains! Be high up in the clouds!! Those trips would be seasonal – I don’t do too well with the real cold. But stepping out on different lookout points to see the granduer of God’s grace… There is a whole new sense of awakening that comes with that, versus walking into the mighty waves.

Coast to coast in the US, then cross the pond to soak up the UK…. Oh, this gypsy wants to go… And one day, I will start that journey!!


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