What will survive…Time will tell.

via Daily Prompt: Survive

When you make the decision to go through a life-changing transformation, what do you honestly think that means?? If you think that your closest circle of friends, and even family, is going to remain in tact just as it is…then you have very naïve expectations.  I know that may sound brutal,  but it is the realistic truth.  Things will change. Not everything will survive to the end.

You have to remember something very important…Not every person that comes into your life is meant to be there forever.  Some are simply seasonal to your life.  Now, that season might be 10 years, some are a one time meeting only, and a select few will be for the duration of your lifetime.  Some are there to show you who you are. Some are there to show you who you’re not.  And some are there to show you who you want/need to be.

Regardless of what area of your life you are focusing on with your journey, that is entirely the point of the transformation…To make changes for the betterment of your life. Be truly grateful for everyone that has come into your life along the way! Be okay that some simply won’t grow with you. The transformation is about YOU… nobody else. If they truly love you, they will accept your changes.



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