The Light Starts To Fade…

As I walk in and say hello,

She often looks at me and just smiles.

I’m noticing the distance more,

The light is quickly fading from her eyes.


To watch your parent change like that,

I can’t express how that feels.

To know deep down in your heart –

There’s simply no chance for her to heal.


This disease is a real bastard – I’m sorry…

Most will deny it with all their might.

But I’ve seen before what it can do –

The speed of the progression can be out of sight.


She is the mom who raised me,

They adopted and loved me as their baby girl.

I hope I can somehow repay their love now –

As my role in life is beginning to swirl.


The time is rapidly approaching,

They both need help more and more every day.

But getting them to admit that fact,

That’s words they will never say.


So for now, I will stay close,

I will be there at the drop of a hat.

Ready to step up my role there,

And pray they will accept that.







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