Where’s Your Voice….

Why are we typically so hesitant to use our voices??  Why should we be afraid? Likely, it’s the backlash from others. But, then that is giving others a power over you that frankly, no one ever deserves.

From the moment we took our first breath in this life, our lives were most likely conditioned to be a certain way thanks to the family that raised us.  Sometimes, that can be a good thing…sure. But, far too often we are brought up to believe a multitude of untruths!  Maybe it’s that your voice doesn’t matter, or because you’re not a size 0 – you’re not pretty enough. Somehow, you were conditioned to fear being true to yourself.  But that is a God-given right, something that no man has the right to take away.

We were trained to believe that we had to go to college and get a degree in order to be successful in life.  Now – I am NOT saying don’t go to college.  I am simply exploring the understanding that if you choose not to go – who’s to say that you won’t still be successful.  Quite honestly, success means many different things to many different people. Some see it as monetary and materialistic accolades. Being able to say, ‘Look at me… I am a millionaire and live in the mansion on the hill’.  But, where is it written down that having all of that is what makes you a success??

Someone else’s perspective may see success as simply having a family… a spouse, children, people who love them. Then there are those that think that a combination of all the above marks the success.  To each their own opinion on this matter.

My point is, why allow another person the authority to put the value on YOUR life.  Speak up… Be true to YOU… And guess what, you will be ok in the end!


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