No peeping Toms for these windows…

I’ve always heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I truly believe that.  I know I can almost always pick up what a person’s eyes say regardless of what their mouth says.  But, it’s become inherently clearer that most people just don’t give a damn about peeping into those windows.  They would just rather listen to what a person says, and always believe it to be truth.

So many live in petrified fear of sharing their true self with anyone around them. Society today has no compassion, or even respect, as a whole.  They constantly judge others, they belittle them, they bully them.  It then just becomes easier to say what others want to hear, because in the end – no one is really listening anyway.  And they damn sure aren’t trying to read eyes to see what lies beneath.

It’s a sad reality to think that not a single person acts like they care.  You would think that those closest to you should definitely be able to see…but they will be the first ones to turn the other way.  It’s time to break this cycle people!!!  Pay attention to those around you!!!


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