via Daily Prompt: Catapult

What’s next in society today?  I generally don’t speak much of the events that go on in the world, the negativity is often too much for my soul to handle.  But, in light of the most recent tragedy in Manchester…it is quite a revolting thought that now our children can’t even be safe to enjoy something as innocent as a music concert.

My biggest fear is that these events continue to rise in numbers and consequently catapult our world as a whole into such a sad and desolate place. I know there are many places that are already feeling that way, I have no doubt.  It is sad to think that there will come a time when there won’t be any single place that is safe anymore.

Being in my 40’s, I used to look back as I was raising my children, at how much times had changed since I was a child.  The days of family importance, the appreciation for nature itself, and the common sense of manners are rapidly disappearing. Now that my first grandchild is approaching her first birthday – I can’t help but  think about how much more things will change over her lifetime.

Is it really too much to ask, to reach a state of world peace.  We need to see beyond skin color, race, creed, gender, religion, etc…. we are all human, and we all bleed the very same color… RED!!!  As a person that was gifted with an empathic soul, the situation of the world today is enough to genuinely make me sick to my stomach at times.  The conflict and fighting physically pains me, and to know that it will most likely only get worse, it’s almost too much.

I pray that all those affected in the UK will find strength, peace and healing during this traumatic time.  I also hope that as I continue to blog daily, that my core value of positivity and hope and strength will come through and help someone who may be struggling.  We have to have hope!!


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