Adrift In Life’s Seas

via Daily Prompt: Adrift

As we are standing on the boardwalk Sunday afternoon, I could see the rains rapidly moving our way.  The boats were streaming in from the bay, trying to beat the rain in. A lot of the sailboats got just to the mouth of the channel leading into the marina, but because they only had sail power and no motor, they were left adrift. There was no breeze to bring them on in, so they had to wait and rely on others to tow them the rest of the way.

That very sight gave me so much to ponder. Far too often, that is what happens to us in life as well. We sail along having a good time when the wind is suddenly sucked out of our sails and because we don’t have the power – be it knowledge, tools, resources, etc. –  we are left adrift in the storm to maneuver through the rocks and violent waves. We can only hope and pray that someone stronger than ourselves will come along to rescue us.

I am hoping that by sharing some of my personal storms and insights, I will be able to provide that strength for others.  We all end up needing that tow in at some point in our life.


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