A Little Time To Refresh…

Well, headed down to the coast for a quick weekend away. I took the weekend off from the blog to allow my mind to rejuvenate. 
It was dark when I reached the Seawall Friday night, but be assured that did not stop me from going down to the beach and taking a stroll at the water’s edge. Time at the water has nothing to do with sight for me anyways, so being dark outside was actually perfect.

The waves were rough, the whitecaps clearly visible. The beach was littered with seaweed, making it difficult to find just the right path through. But, I made it through.

I stayed at the point to where the water would just catch my feet as the wave rolled in. But, that simply wasn’t giving the feeling I needed. I closed my eyes, stretched my hands down towards the water,  prayed to God above to hear me and heal me. I prayed that He would truly show me He was there with me. And just as I finished that prayer, the breeze picked up and my eyes flew open as the waves came to my knees. God was definitely with me!!

I was fortunate enough to see the sun peeking from behind the clouds shortly after rising the next morning. After several more hours at the beach, it was time to get my fair skinned self to some shade.

I made sure to stop in and see a friend that I used to work with. I know she has been going through some difficult times lately, and I have been trying to share my positive inspirations with her in hope that they would help. She did tell me that I came back around at the very time when she needed it most.

I am here at this exact point in my life, having dealt with all my personal storms, to be able to step up now and help others realize that they have the power within themselves to get through their storms too. With help & support, it is entirely possible.

Caterpillars 2 Butterflies will continue to develop our mission over the coming months, and become the hope for those in the midst of their journeys.
Great things are on the horizon, and I am feeling very blessed to be creating this source of healing inspiration!! 


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