Safety In Seeing The Bottom!

Due to a traumatic experience as a young child, I have grown up with this undeniable fear of deep waters. Now, considering my devoted love for the beach and the ocean waves… This fear is an ironic thing.
Over the course of the past several years, I have tried to do things to help me overcome this fear. It occurred to me that not only did I have a fear of the depth of the water…but it was as much about not being able to see what I was stepping on.

As I sat by a friend’s backyard pool today, I took that thought just a bit deeper. How often do we allow the fear of the unseen keep us from doing things in our every day life. If we are honest, it’s probably a lot more than we actually give credit to.

Maybe it’s something simple like putting on a swimsuit & going out to the pool on vacation. Oh no- can’t do that because I’m afraid of what other people MIGHT say. Or it could be the major step of choosing to actively pursue your dreams. Hmm, the unseen world of rejection and failure are out there. No, I think I will stay safe here in my 9 to 5 job that I hate.

I am speaking to myself just as much as I am to any of you! Just because the path isn’t well lit, and the top rung of the ladder isn’t visible – doesn’t mean that we should allow fear to consume us and keep us from what we deserve! I have a vision for what I want to see a year from now…5 years from now. And until now, I have allowed fear to rule my life.

Sure, there is a very strong chance I will land on my face. But there is the stronger desire to succeed! Don’t you think it’s time that you looked beyond the clear, shallow waters of the chlorine pool and just dive straight into the ocean?!?! 


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