Late Night Thoughts…

Caterpillars 2 Butterflies is all about the journey to the transformation of a lifetime. That can encompass multiple aspects of life.  
I’ve been trying to place my own personal stories within these blogs, in hopes that maybe understanding my journey will help you with yours.

Back when I was in school, many years ago… I was always the one that everybody came to when they needed to talk. I instantly became the ‘Dear Abby’ of high school. My compassionate heart seemed to always be the thing they needed.

I’ve thought about that quite a bit lately, and that is partly what inspired me to pursue this dream. Everyone needs their own personal support system from the smallest scenario in their life, to the grandest of transformations. Oddly enough, those closest to us don’t always give the best support.I can’t really explain why that is, but instead I will simply place myself out in the world for anyone thats willing to reach out.

I will never claim to be a degree holding counselor or an actual licensed therapist. Their jobs are to dive deep into your psyche and help you figure out the WHY to any problems you are facing. Believe me, there is definitely a time & a need for them!! As I move forward to pursue my life coach certification, I will be here to offer that extra advice and opinion on life lessons. Whether you need the added support of an accountability coach while you work toward a specific goal, or the motivation and inspiration to simply transform yourself into a goal chasing, better than yesterday, version of you…. I am just within sight to help! All you have to do is reach out!

There is always something to strive for in life!! What’s your next step?  


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