Don’t Wait For Disaster!

I would NEVER want to see anyone go through a disaster or tragedy. But I do want to utilize that as the prompt for some thought provoking conversation 
I know we all have things that are important to us. But, heaven forbid, the worst were to happen….what matters most to you?? Now that you have those images in your mind, can I ask you something?

Why do we insist sometimes, on waiting until the absolute worst happens before we acknowledge what matters most?? If it means that much,  shouldn’t we portray that each and every day?? This applies to our loved ones, ourselves, and yes, even our belongings. If it matters at the worst of times, it should matter at the best of times.

Don’t know how to truly express things in the everyday life? Well, now that’s something that you need to fix!   I know it’s not always easy.  But, with the right support…you can do it! By keeping all of these feelings to yourself, you honestly deprive yourself of so much joy!!! I believe in you…you can do it.


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