What Are You Waiting For??

Sadly, the day job has taken precedence today.  I would much rather be pouring my heart out here, reaching out to any and all that will listen to me.

As I get ready to take a few days vacation from work, I’m thinking strongly about how nice it would be to actually be doing something that I didn’t need a vacation from.  It would be so nice to be living my dream each and every day!  The only person stopping that from happening, is me.  But, believe you me… I am working and planning on just how to make that happen!!!

You can do the very same thing.  Whatever your goal is – only you can stop you.  What’s holding you back??  You know you deserve it. Do you need a little extra support  and motivation to help get you there?  Well, that can certainly be arranged.

It took me a lot of years to understand and accept that life would get better.  The journey of personal transformation is a very exciting, liberating, and terrifying experience all rolled into one. Sure, there may be times that you have to pretty much hit rock bottom to see that there truly is light at the end of the tunnel.  I certainly did, a couple of times.  I was listening to a motivational clips just the other day – and one of my favorites was talking about how you simply had to jump.  But, be prepared that your parachute would not open the first time.  You would have to crash-land.  But, get back up and try it again.  Each time the chute would open a little more, until finally it would open fully and you would take off soaring.  Now, there is no rule book saying that it will take one jump, or two, or 10… that all depends on your personal determination.

So, what are you waiting for???  Let’s do this together…


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