Trading Places…

‘ When I stop comparing myself to others, I am free to stand in my own light.’

Why is it we feel the compulsive need to compare ourselves to others?  Just because they happen to be in a better position socially, or financially… doesn’t mean that their lives are perfect.

Let’s say that you could trade places for one week with John Doe that owns multiple auto dealerships around the country.  You get to drive all the fancy cars that he owns, and stay in one of his several mini mansions. Sounds like a dream come true, I know.  But, look at the scenario just a little bit deeper. Who does he have there to share all that with?  He had a wife, once. Now she and their children live on the opposite side of the country.  Sure, he takes care of the kids financially – but that does not replace the love that they wanted from their father instead.

In the pursuit of his multi-million dollar dreams, he forgot one very important thing.  There comes a point where it becomes less about ‘living the dream’, and more about pure greed.

Now sure, love & success can be obtained.  But it’s no easy feat.

My point to all of this is… If you compare yourself to others and strive to be ‘just like them’… sometimes you could be missing out on so much.  If you choose the freedom of standing in your own light – then you can create YOUR life, not a replica of someone else’s. Don’t ever fall victim to the notion that someone is better than you, just because their life is different from yours.


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