The Journey Comes To An End…

I thought I would share a bit of poetry that I wrote during some of my darker times…

I listen intently as the waves lap the sand,
I dig my toes in deep as I stretch out my hand.
The call of the waves speaks volumes to my soul
Please take the pain away, that is the goal.

The waves seem so harmless
As they glide along the shore,
But don’t turn your back,
Or they become so much more.

I take some cautious steps
Into the beckoning water now,
I know I must stop soon,
But I just don’t see how.

I call to the God above,
Pray that He hears my plea.
I need to cast my burdens out,
I desperately need to let it be.

But my feet won’t stop,
It’s now up to my knees.
And I can’t turn around
My soul belongs to the sea.

I know no one is watching,
I fear that they do not really care.
If I keep going though,
Soon I’ll no longer be there.

I’m getting so close now,
The waters are up to my chest.
Why can’t I stop myself?
I know this choice isn’t best.

Someone come save me,
Please don’t let me drown.
The water’s to my chin now,
I’m about to go down.

No one ever comes,
The reality is sad, but true.
There’s a huge wave coming,
Dear Lord, what do I do?

I close my eyes tight,
Say a prayer in my mind.
My choice is now consequence,
As I leave this world behind.

The waves knock me off my feet,
I call to God, I’m coming home!
For on this wicked Earth,
I no longer want to roam.


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