Daily Prompt: Hospitality … What’s The Going Rate??

via Daily Prompt: Hospitality

Why is it we have resigned ourselves to having to PAY for hospitality?? Isn’t that one of the basic manners that should be taught among our youth? Yet somehow, our world today has become so fast paced and ill-mannered, that things such as hospitality, compassion, humility, and many others, have long been forgotten.

Is it too late for the current genneration to bring these manners back to life?? Sadly, I truly wonder!! ‘Yes ma’am’ and ‘No sir’ no longer have the same meaning apparently. I recently witnessed a situation among coworkers that were in a  somewhat heated debate over something and the older woman, who was in her early 60s, kept referring to the young man, in his mid thirties, as ‘Sir’. Her father had instilled in her the manner of respect, and referring to others in authority positions as ma’am and sir. The young man, however, took great offense to the term and lashed out at her for being disrespectful and argumentative.

Hospitality has become much the same way. No one freely extends that gesture in society anymore. Instead that seems to be reserved as a luxury that is paid for at hotels and resorts around the world. I truly feel sorry for the upcoming generations as they are conditioned to such a pathetic world. It makes me wonder, just what is the going rate for true hospitality? Unfortunately, it is much more than most of us can afford.


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