What’s Their Final Word??

via Daily Prompt: Final

I saw a post the other day that was talking about the simplicity of some obituaries, and then the abundance of information in others. This settled into my mind and really gave me something to ponder over.

Have you ever stopped and given thought to what your obituary would potentially say about you? I know Рit seems like almost too morbid a thing to think about. This will be the very final rhoughts they will have about you. But, it is something ro really thinl about. Let me walk you through a very thought provoking  scenario.

What does your life look like in relation to what can be said about you??

**She was a loving wife and mom, and even Nona to one grandchild. She lived her life for her family and her community- being as involved as she possibly could be. She was always putting everyone else first, making sure they were well taken care of. Her prescence will certainly be missed.


**She was so focused on herself that everything else in her life crumbled around her. Her insecurities consumed her to the point of running off the ones that truly loved her. She managed to put so much emotional distance between her and her entire family. Sadly, she never got the opportunity to truly know her only grandchild. While her family will miss her, it will be such of a relief to them to no longer suffer at the hand of her mental instability.

Hmm, well… Which will fit you in the end?? Something to really think about, isn’t it?! What will their FINAL words be?


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