Finding My Way In This Maze…

Have you ever really thought about it…Life truly is like a maze!! It can be a scary, almost terrifying maze.  But, if your attitude is right – it can be an amazing journey that takes you to some magical places until you walk out of the maze at the end of your life.

Personally, I think I will take the latter!  I used to be that person that was always taking the wrong turns and coming to the dead ends in the maze.  Recently though, I have learned to re-condition my thinking.  No more dead ends… I’m not saying it’s smooth sailing, by any means.  But at least now, I am learning to enjoy the what the maze has to offer.

You can do that too!!  You just have to find the right support, the guidance that will steer you away from those dead ends.  Sure, there are thousands of ‘self-help’ resources out there.  But, in the end – it seems to come down to a numbers games for them as to how much money they can make selling you their tactic.

For me, my reward is simply in knowing that I was able to help just one person… well, hopefully many more than that…. but, my success will come through the blessing of their successes.  If helping others leads to a life where I can focus solely on this work…. at least paying my normal bills… then I will accept that.  Then I would have far more time to devote to helping more people.  But if I am only destined to maintain a simply blog then so be that too.

May you all learn to appreciate the particular MAZE that life has extended to you!!!

via Daily Prompt: Maze


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