Tearing Down Walls…

For so many people, we live a life behind walls. Walls around our heart, walls around our mind, even walls to guard our mouths. Its partly a trust factor, then partly due to the way we were raised up and conditioned to be,  and definitely part self preservation. Regardless of WHY the walls are up, getting them to come down is one of the most difficult things to do. 

I wish I could tell you an easy path through it. And I’d like to say that they completely crumble away, but let’s face it, thats not how it works.

Hopefully in your life you find that true someone that has what it takes to help you tear down the walls. Be prepared, it will be a very long, tedious process. There will most definitely be some setbacks along the way as well. That is just part of it, I’m afraid.

Find that someone who will be your best friend, your confidant, your supporter, and so much more all rolled into one. We will always have the instinct to protect ourselves… But don’t keep those walls up forever. Its just not a healthy choice.

Take baby steps if you need to. Nobody says it has to be all or nothing in one day. Just keep your head up, and remember- you got this. You will be okay!


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