Pretty in Pink…I think not!

Why is it perceived as the appropriate, fitting thing for a woman to be in pink?  And why is it perceived as inappropriate, or demeaning, for a man?

Does society truly have the right to judge like that?!  I am not naive enough to think that it will ever be any different…. but, it’s just be a thought for me.  There are many shades of pink…from the faintest tint to the brightest, hottest pink imaginable.  Just as there are many shades of people.  The main thing I hope is that the world as a whole will one day begin to see the reality that each individual person is different.  And personal opinion does not make something right or wrong.  We are alive because a High and Mighty creator, or God if you will, decided that we had something to offer the world.  Who are we to degrade another human?

Pink is pink….simply a color….and should not depict who a person should proclaim themselves to be.

via Daily Prompt: Pink


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