Back On Track…Or Not…

I have allowed my blogs to get a little off topic the last few days…choosing to take personal scenarios and expand on them.  My primary goal here was to help motivate and inspire others through their own struggles.  I guess in some way, I thought by sharing like I have…that someone just might take some valuable knowledge from it.

I am still very new to the world of blogging, although I love to write & journal on my own.  I am a firm believer that the process of keeping a journal is a great tool.  It allows you to write down exactly what is on your mind…voicing all of your own views and opinions, without the threat of criticism or judgment from others.  The main problem with that, when you don’t feel safe being able to do that.  Journals, or some revert to calling them diaries, should be a very private, personal thing.  It is a place of freedom. By writing all those thoughts down – you are getting them out of your head and making room for the more important things that you really need to focus on.

I feel I have allowed my creative gifts to become quite rusty due to not properly using them.  My knack for finding just the right words at just the right time, or taking feelings and putting them onto canvas. It all gets harder and harder to do because I have simply tucked them under the rug, so to speak.  My compassionate nature, my caring soul, it’s all getting so dusty and rusty.

I do hope that while my daily topics may be a little off the beaten path some days…. I hope that it grants my soul, and all my other talents to once again slide back into the open.  There is a lot more to come from Caterpillars 2 Butterflies…one step at a time.  May the day be a blessing to all that have the honor of seeing the morning light, and then watching that day come to a close. That is our true gift!


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