Mixing It Up A Little…

Sometimes, I just have these feelings that I am supposed to lift someone up in prayer. While I typically don’t know the specifics of their circumstance, I simply know that a voice of hope is needed. 

I’ve said it before – I consider myself to be a spiritual minded person at this point in life but not a religious one. There is a difference I believe.
I have begun to open up my mind to new possibilities the last few years. I truly believe in the power of energy work and healing. Being in the same room with some people can have a very draining /demanding  effect on us, or it can raise us high into the clouds.
But you have to be willing to look beyond the surface to see what you’re seeking! Anyone can appear to be the life of the party on the surface, but by themselves – they dwindle into a sobbing mess of insecurities and more.
When you understand the path of energy work, you realize that upon walking into a room – you can feel people’s true energy. The negative, the positive, even the impartial.  As empaths and energy workers, you can be drawn to the negatives in the hopes that they can be ‘fixed’. But, precautions must be taken to protect your own energy.
There is so much in the world that is unexplainable or just doesn’t make sense. Maybe that could be because it is time to look outside the box. Don’t resign yourself to such a black and white world. In those gray areas, also know as ‘outside your comfort zone’… A whole realm of endless possibilities awaits!!


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